Welcome to Indian Association of Positive Pshycology

Welcome to the Indian Association of Positive Psychology (IAPP), a professional organization dedicated to generating and disseminating knowledge and education about the field of positive psychology.

IAPP aspires to be a part of the worldwide conversation of researchers and practitioners devoted to the field of positive psychology. We believe in global linkages and collaborations with academic communities, consulting practitioners and general public to enhance the understanding of positive mental health and well being, and to ensure a higher standard in the application of the field of positive psychology.

President Message

Indian Association of Positive Psychology amalgamates theoretical concepts, researches and applied practices of the field of Positive Psychology and aims to build thriving individuals, families and communities. We believe in human strength, potential, motives, capacities and virtues and look at the constructive positive side of the people. We are concerned with fostering positive traits and characters in people. By enhancing best qualities of life such as love, hope, gratitude, forgiveness, joy, future-mindedness, humility, and courage, we are committed to work for successful and responsible application of positive psychology in diverse areas.

IAPP is a nodal organization committed to the development of profession of positive psychology. We are actively involved in organizing seminars, debates, workshops and conferences to bring the scientific community to a common platform to share and spread the knowledge related to mankind. We are associated with various universities, research institutions, industries and educational bodies both in India and abroad. Our professional services, pertinent for diverse institutional settings, focus on the promotion and development of happiness, positive emotions, well being and resilience.

IAPP's professional team comprising of psychology experts, teachers, research scholars and professional trainers is well known for imparting training and consultancy for schools, colleges, educational institutions and corporate sector on various areas relating to positive psychology. We believe in positive prevention and aim at fostering virtues in children and young people.

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